GreenA B.V. is focused on R&D; continuously improving and diversifying products and applications.

Our skilled team

Msc. Maarten Klein


Plant Scientist


Prof. dr. Daniel Bonn


Physics of Spraying

Soft matter Complex Fluids

Msc. Rick Sijs


Formulation specialist

‘Droplet size distribution’

Msc. Hanne Hoffman


Drop impact specialist

Robert Sleutel

Sales representative


Bart Wezenberg

Sales representative


Laura der Kinderen


Twenne B.V.



  • GreenA B.V. is focused on R&D; continuously improving and diversifying products and applications.
  • GreenA B.V. is investing in efficacy results, trials and scientific programs.
  • A private label-manufacturer is making our products.


2022 Launch of the product Greenwet as trisiloxane replacement

2021 Official governmental recognition of Squall as anti-drift technique

2020 Global distribution agreement with Arxada ( former Lonza ) multinational in Basel

2019 Scientific research prove at least 50% drift reduction

2018 German BVL registration and biological registration FIBL

Sumi Agro exclusive distributorship in Germany and Austria

2017 Distribution agreement Netherlands with CZAV Crop Solution

2015 – 2016 Scale up! Collaboration with SHIFT Invest. Peter Buis and Maarten Klein joined the team.

2014 First commercialization of Squall

2012 – 2014 Many tests have been executed on the fields by renowned universities and institutions, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

2011 GreenA was founded by Rob Bonn. In 2012, Squall acquired an official permit in the Netherlands for spraying near surface water (TCT) CTGB number and German BVL number

2010 Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment granted financial support for the further development of Squall

2008 Financial support of Life-Eureka, the program of the European Commission

2006 Research was pioneered by professor Daniel Bonn at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris

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