Arxada Announces Distribution Agreement with GreenA for Squall®

10 NOVEMBER 2021, Basel, Switzerland – Arxada, a leading global specialty chemicals business, and GreenA BV, the innovative Dutch adjuvant company, are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement to market Squall®. The collaboration expands the Companies’ existing partnership in New Zealand, where Arxada currently has the distribution rights.

GreenA’s Squall® sticker and anti-drift adjuvant is an innovative, biodegradable product that enables the more sustainable use of crop protection products. Farmers have already successfully used Squall® across Europe and in New Zealand for several years. The addition of Squall® improves the effectiveness of crop protection products by increasing the precision of product delivery as well as the activity on leaves by causing more of the spray to stick to the crop, reducing spray drift and improving resistance to rain and irrigation wash-off.

The expanded partnership leverages Arxada’s expertise in crop protection and its global distribution network to bring Squall® to the wider global farming community. Farmers will get access to this important new tool allowing reducing spray-drift, improving the effectiveness of their crop protection products and improving their sustainability footprint.

Arxada intends to launch Squall® in Brazil in the coming months, with further launches intended in Chile, Colombia, USA and South Africa in the coming years.