A unique patented anti-drift product based on Poly Ethylene Oxide (PEO)


A product adjusted for crop dusting (aerial spray), based on the Squall


is a novelty super wetting agent. Safe for humans and environment


GreenA products

  • Proven efficacy in cash crops; reduction of pesticides with 20-30%
  • Anti-drift certificates in Netherlands and Germany
  • Competative pricing, good margin
  • Recurring sales

GreenA product KPI’s

Superior deposition

Squall increases the effectiveness of crop protection and reduces the drain of the tank mix up to 74%


Squall eliminates drift as it narrows the drop size distribution. Drift reduction of over 90% can be achieved

Rain fastness

Squall enchances the rain fastness of the tank mixture. Add Squall and see a 50% improvement.


Squall is 100% biogradable

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  • At least 10 scientific studies. We are entering a trend in less pesticides allowed on the label and less applications are needed.
  • Add 0,5% Squall to the tank mix and:
  1. Improve your onion yield with 9 tons per hectare.
  2. Improve your herbicide action up to 50%.
  3. Reduce apple scab infectation up to 50%.
  4. Improve depostion in sugar beet with 40%.
  5. Improve rainfastness of your pesticides with 50%.



  • Greenwet is a novelty super wetting adjuvant. Other than Squall which focus is on anti-drift and sticking.
  • Bio-safe trisiloxane replacement and improvement. Very low dynamic surface tension. Optimal pinning of droplets to the surface.
  • Bee friendly!
  • Superior deposition.
  • Safe for plants, humans and environment.
  • Low cost, competative in market, high margin. Not introduced yet.

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