Squall has an official anti-drift status and is now also on the DRT list.

In combination with the 50/75/90% nozzles for downward spraying you get 1 drift reduction step with Squall and injection. So the 90% cap gives 95% drift reduction with Squall injected. For this, Squall with 0.5% must be injected into the injection line with, for example, a Raven Side Kick pro injection system. The syringe and injection amount must be logged and saved so that the authorities can verify that Squall has been used correctly. Squall is available in 10 liter cans and economical 1,000 liter IBCs from any GBM supplier. Squall injection not only gives an extra reduction step, but also ensures that the droplets adhere to the leaf and flow out and give a better coverage. So two birds with one stone!